Britons Arrested after Marijuana Find!


Three Britons arrested after bullring found to be hiding marijuana plantation

The elaborate greenhouse complex was located by the Civil Guard in a livestock estate in Málaga

A joint operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Spanish Tax Office has led to the discovery of a marijuana plantation installed in a bullring on an estate in Almogía, in the southern province of Málaga, which was purportedly used for breeding livestock. A customs helicopter was used to uncover the true purpose of the land, leading to an operation in which seven people have been arrested, three of them British.

According to the Civil Guard, the investigation began in July, after it was discovered that the bullring was covered with a material conducive to the growing of marijuana. The area was divided into two large greenhouses, with an estimated capacity of around 10,000 plants.

At the time of the search of the estate, 526 large plants were being dried. A large part of the drug harvest had already been collected.

Officers were surprised by the complexity of the system that had been installed in the estate

Officers were surprised by the complexity of the system that had been installed in the estate, and suspect that it was put in place by specialized technicians. As well as drying rooms for the plants, there was also agricultural machinery and an elaborate watering system.

Two of the British men arrested in the operation worked exclusively on the plants, and did not leave the estate. Another four of the detainees were dedicated to the logistical side of the operation.

A second, smaller, plantation was also discovered in nearby Casares. Another British individual was arrested there.

Officers have seized 526 plants and 63 kilos of marijuana that was ready for distribution and consumption. They also found three cars, two motorcycles, cellphones and €1,160 in cash, as well as other equipment used for the growth and processing of marijuana.