Spain get tough on nationals join ISIS


Spain get tough on nationals join ISIS

Spain’s Foreign Minister announced on Tuesday his government plans to amend the country’s penal code so that Spaniards joining foreign conflicts and radical Islamic groups such as ISIS can be prosecuted on terrorism charges.

José Manuel García Margallo outlined the measures in the Spanish Parliament on Tuesday in the wake of comments that Spain isn’t cooperating enough in the international fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

“Spain has never been one to watch the bullfight from behind the barriers,” Spanish news agency EFE reported him as saying.

Margallo argued that Spain has already taken part in numerous missions abroad relating to what he called “one of the most complex threats of our time”: jihadi terrorism.

ISIS Held Land

“We have been and we will be wherever our presence is needed and can be put to good use,” he added.

Margallo did not confirm when the criminal code amendments would come into force but did highlight other planned anti-terrorism measures such as the use of US military bases in Spain and international counterintelligence collaboration.

Spain’s Foreign Minister added he would formalize the legislation once he had received approval from the United Nations and the Iraqi government, Spain’s edition of the Huffington Post reported.