Spanish Prime Minister Speaks on Independence


Spanish Prime Minister Speaks on Independence

Rajoy has warned the territories which go independent ‘will take years’ to enter the European Union

He was answering a commons question placed by the Basque Nationalist Party deputy, Aitor Esteban, who asked his opinion about the Scottish referendum and its consequences.

The Spanish Prime Minister said he had spoken to the ‘representatives of the 28 member states’ and there is little enthusiasm about what is happening.

Active Independence Movements in Spain

Reading from a script, which he always does, Rajoy was quite passionate in what he said next

‘All the people in the world think these processes are enormously negative; they create very important problems in ambits, for example, currency, public debt, the payment of pensions, they produce economic recession and poverty for all, and I think it is good that the citizens know this’.

‘But there is an argument with is more important, if possible, these processes are a torpedo in the bow sing line in the spirit of Europe, because Europe was created to integrate States and not the fragment States, and this is a sign of the times, integration and not separation, and what he need are countries in strong unions to face the global challenges we are facing now’