The Big Corrie Confession


The Big Corrie Confession

Carla reveals to Rob that she knows he is lying and reckons he is covering up for Tracy because she is the real killer. As Carla reaches for her phone, intent on calling the police, Rob stops her. Rob explains that Tracy was actually driving a van load of stolen gear when Tina was murdered and they lied to the police, knowing they’d both be sent down if they were caught.

Rob tells Carla how much he loves Tracy and how he is looking forward to settling down and having kids. However, when Carla points out that Tracy’s false alibi means he too is without an alibi, Rob loses his temper and storms out. Carla is taken aback by the ferocity of his outburst.

Rob confesses to Carla
Rob confesses to Carla

Later, Rob returns to the flat, blaming it on wedding nerves, but Carla is not convinced. She points out that he seemed to know from the off that she was innocent, and so asks him if he killed Tina.


Rob tries to deny it, but Carla pushes and pushes until Rob can’t take any more and finally confesses that he did murder Tina. Rob begs a shocked Carla to keep his guilty secret and not to involve the police…

Meanwhile, at Number 1, an emotional Tracy tells Ken how much Rob means to her and how she wants their wedding to be perfect.

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