Re-United Pet


Re-United Pet

In November a stray dog turned up at the property of Theresa and Malcolm in Los Carasoles, in Almeria,  they kindly took him in.  They asked Pat at Cucador if she could re-home him.  Despite advertising him free in EURONews247 and the internet there were no enquiries about him.

He was then advertised in the EURONews247 on 21st January and Pat received a call from a man stating that he thought the dog in the picture was his dog.  He mentioned a few markings on him and it was definitely the same dog.

On 23rd January Kevin and Elaine from Puerto Lumbreras came to Los Carasoles and were reunited with their beloved Copper who went missing from Puerto Lumbreras in November.

It is thanks to EURONews247 for advertising this stray dog that he is now back where he belongs, thank you so much to the EURONews247 for their help in advertising this dog and finding him his owner.