Guardia Civil Warning for Spanish Property Owners


Guardia Civil Warning for Spanish Property Owners


The Guardia Civil, within the framework of their “Counter-Burglary Project”” have found markers placed in several buildings in the doors of the homes and store-rooms of the properties.

This method is used by opportunist criminals who, after gaining access to the building, place a strip of transparent plastic, folded in the shape of a peg about 2cm long, into the part at the bottom between the frame and the door of the flat or store-room.

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The object is to avoid it being detected and removed by any of the building’s residents. After 2 or 3 days, these people will return to the building and discover in which flats or store-rooms there have been no activity, as the marker they have placed serves as an informant, which would fall on the floor when the owner opens the door to go inside.

If the marker hasn’t fallen to the floor it means the flat is empty. Straight away the criminals gain access to the property using various techniques and commit the robbery.