Parking Restrictions in Orihuela


Parking Restrictions in Orihuela

Orihuela Local Police would like to advise anybody visiting the city that parking restrictions will be in force this week whilst new road markings are painted.

You should avoid the most problematic areas during the week, as parking spaces will be at a premium, but there are ample parking places in the main car parks.

The restrictions will take place on these days and locations:

Tuesday 17 March

Plaza S. Sebastián.

C/ Aragón.

Avda. Duque de Tamames (Desde conservatorio hasta C/ Luis Barcala).

Avda. Teodomiro (Desde Avda. de España hasta rotonda).

Wednesday 18 March

C/ Loaces.

C/ Calderón de La Barca.

C/ San Pascual.

C/ San Agustín.

Friday 20 March

Avda. Teodomiro (desde Duque de Tamames hasta estación).

C/ Valencia.

C/ Limón.

Monday 23 March

C/ Pintor Agrasot.

C/ Ballesteros Villanueva.

C/ Adolfo Clavarana.

Plaza Dr. Jaime Sánchez.

C/ Sta. Lucia, Plaza Sta. Lucia.

Travesía Soleres.

In addition, as the annual St Patrick´s Day parade takes place on the Orihuela Costa on Tuesday 17 March, there will be parking restrictions in force in the Cabo Roig area