Seat Belt and Child Seat Campaign


Seat Belt and Child Seat Campaign.(From 9th to 15th March)

The DGT intensified controls on the use of seat belts and child restraints.

To avoid more victims for not wearing it, during a week agents of the Traffic Civil Guard, along with the various regional and local police officers who join the campaign will intensify controls both the suburban environment, and urban roads to ensure that all vehicle occupants make proper use of the device.

In addition to controls at street level, messages were also disseminated through the various radio stations and social networks in order to remember the importance of using this retainer, which the World Health Organization is one of invention has saved more lives.

N332: “When you do no use the seat belt, the airbag can hurt you and see on the photos how your head hits the windscreen and produces serious injuries which can cause death. These photos are from real accidents where the passenger / driver do not use the seat belt.

We think that showing real accidents, we can make you change your mind. Please do not drive until all passengers fasten their seat belts, and use a proper restraint bay seta for your child according to his age/weight.