Car Re-Registration to Spanish Number Plates


Car Re-Registration to Spanish Number Plates

To register your vehicle in Spain you will need:

  1. Fill in the Official application (You will find it at the bottom.)
  1. Pay a Fee of 95.80€, except mopeds 26.70€.
  1. Identification of the applicant:

a). Natural persons: official document accrediting his/her identity and address (ID card, Spanish driving licence, residence
card, Passport plus the Foreigner Identification Number).

b). Legal persons: tax identification card of the company accrediting the representation and identity of the person who signs the application (Available on

c). Minors or disabled persons: data and signature of the father, mother or guardian, his/her ID card and document accrediting
their relationship.

  1. Vehicle documentation: Roadworthiness certificate with the pink and blue sheet together with the diligencia de venta (information about the final customer and the dealer selling the
    vehicle) or, failing this, the invoice or notice of award if the vehicle is from an auction.
  1. Taxes:

a). Proof of payment or exemption from the municipal vehicle tax where the applicant resides (original or photocopy).

b). Proof of payment /exemption /non-liability to the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport (model 576, 06 or 05 from the
Agencia Estatal Tributaria –Agency of the Tax Authorities-,, except in the case of trailers.

Do you want to know the valuable of you vehicle in SPain:

(You will have to pay a percentage of this amount, depending of the CO2 emissions of you vehicle.)

In addition to the previous documents:

New vehicles acquired within the EU: VAT payment (model 309 or 300 from the Agencia Estatal Tributaria–Agency of the Tax Authorities-) or a document declaring that he/she is included in
the VAT registered traders and a technical certificate issued by a Vehicle Inspection Centre.

Used vehicles acquired within the EU:

Original documents of the vehicle, and:

a). If the sale is between private persons, a purchase agreement together with its translation and Tax on capital transfers.

b).If the vehicle is acquired in a car dealer other than Spain, the invoice detailing the VAT figure shall be presented.

c). If the vehicle is acquired in a Spanish car dealer, the invoice and document issued by the Treasury declaring that they are registered to perform that activity during the financial year in

d). Technical certificate issued by the Vehicle Inspection Centre.

 Vehicles acquired in a third country:

 Original documents of the vehicle, a Single Administrative Document issued by the Customs Office, unless the import certificate appears in the Roadworthiness certificate.

 (NOTE: If the holder does not submit the documents, it will be necessary to also submit a written authorization signed by
him/her, specifying that this representation is free of charge – model available – .)

 If you want to download all this info, please click here:

 – “Official application form”. Fill it online and print it here;

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