Humanists of Murcia Walk


Humanists of Murcia Walk

Seventeen walkers (finally) met up at the Bar With No Name** in El Pareton and after the two dogs arrived (no jokes about which old dogs, please), the group set off west into the, not frequently, travelled area of Los Rojas^^ ably led by Audrey. After many twists and turns, fields, reservoirs and plastic tents full of eating grapes, the walkers arrived somewhere where there were no living soles about++.


The walk was fantastic, the scenery varied, hills in the background, flowers everywhere, sun and a slight breeze. Only one moment of doubt as to which direction to go, but Audrey consulted with her assistant, Rick, and the walk continued down the rambla. A good steady pace and a little over 3 hours and it was back at the cars.

Lunch was in Restaurante Maria Josafa’s in El Pareton. If you are hungry and have not eaten for 3 days, this is the place to go. But if you have any drinks before the meal, which are not included in the menu del dia rate, PLEASE, PLEASE pay for them early. Someone who will remain nameless but who lives in the mountains of Morata, did not pay his 3€ until after the café and Maria Josafa was not best pleased. Lots of food, more choice than last time, good cask red wine. Colette will tell you about the bottle of white.

** Breaking News: The Bar With No Name in El Pareton HAS A NAME!!
But we are not going to tell you what it is, yet.

^^ Los Rojos is a ruined settlement, which was inhabited by one of the few communities of communists in Murcia. They shrived on the land growing their veggies and led a peaceful life until the Civil War. They were considering moving out of the area when a company of Moorish troops ambushed them. The soldiers proceeded to shoot the men and have pleasure with the women. They burned the houses to the ground with all the children inside.

++There was one blue tractor raking the soil between almond trees. On the return leg, the group passed 60 feet below him on a track and he managed to knock large boulders down the hill nearly taking out 3 Humanists.