Roquetas Aquarium – Do you imagine dining surrounded by hundreds of fish?


Roquetas Aquarium – Do you imagine dining surrounded by hundreds of fish?

It is possible at the Aquarium Roquetas de Mar. It could be possible to celebrate business dinners or family celebrations in the room dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by the sea-water aquariums and the ray fishes, congers, and more, your guests will enjoy like inhabitants of the sea!

aquarium shark

June 1st to September 30th 2015


Open everyday from 10 to 21H

Box office open until 30 minutes before closing hour.

Guided tours for groups

-An educational visit: know more about the “Water cycle”, from the birth of the rivers to big tropical rivers like Amazon River, to tropical seas, Mediterranean Sea, Oceans, etc.

aquarium seahorse

-An interactive visit: discover how the sea animals are, you can touch ray fishes and star fishes in the water, know how is its skin, how coloured is, the places where they live… Always promoting respect for animals.

-A funny visit: a fantastic opportunity to people to enjoy the excursion learning about the habitants of the aquatic environment.

We can adapt the visit to your needs. Please contact in advance.

More info and reserves, please call 950 16 00 36 or e-mail

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