Staying Cool Uses Fuel


Staying Cool Uses Fuel

Using your car’s air conditioning at a temperature below 20 degrees can result in an increase of 20% in fuel consumption, according to a new report compiled by AutoScout24.

The report is aimed at raising awareness of using air conditioning and the impact on vehicle use, including an increase in maintenance.

The report also aims at encouraging users to reduce the settings of their units, so as to improve performance of both the vehicle’s fuel consumption and to avoid damage, by keeping the settings in the mid or low range, or just opening the windows to reduce the temperature.

AutoScout24 also highlights the importance of conducting proper maintenance of the air conditioning in winter and perform a thorough cleaning of the radiator, as well as checking the hoses and ducts of this system.

The firm points out that the gas is an essential element of air conditioning and a clear sign of a malfunction of this unit is that the device fails to cool when connected. Another sign of a malfunction is a sour smell inside the car.

You can get your air conditioning checked at a maintenance workshop or garage, remembering to ensure that the garage is competent in carrying out the repairs.


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