Elvis arrives at the Rusty Nail for Caritas Event.


Elvis arrives at the Rusty Nail for Caritas Event.


Another recently held successful Caritas event was held on June the 6th again at the Rusty Nail in Campoverde. A total, after other donations received, was a grand 668. 86€, as can be seen by the receipt.

Elvis Receipt from Caritas.

Elvis Cash ready to hand over to Caritas

A 1st prize on the raffle was a Samsung Tablet valued 125€, plus several other prizes.  Jimmy (landlord of the Rusty Nail), again put on a free buffet. The Portobello ladies supplied the casino free of charge for the night, and again Brian Jenkins supplied the music, free of charge, but this time Music of the 50’s and 60’s and even with his own tribute to the music of “Elvis”.

elvis at rusty Nail

The last event seemed better attended, (which was a Country night), but we believe the main reason was the football match !, it was the cup final between Juventas and Barcelona, something we had overlooked !!!! and even “Elvis”, had to wait until it was over !!!.

So, once again, a great big thank you to all who attended, donated and supported the event, Jimmy the landlord for hosting it again, The Portobello ladies, Brian for his music, and of course, last but not least, to Eddie Templeman and his long suffering wife Margaret for arranging everything.

Caritas were well pleased with the donation, which makes it nearly 1,400€ we have handed over in just two events.

Keep up the good work all, and thanks.