F.A.C.E. Wins Prestigious Award


F.A.C.E. Wins Prestigious Award


On the evening of 16th July, the 6th Annual Almanzora Valley Awards were held at the Sports Pavilion in Seron. These awards are held every year to pay tribute to those people, businesses and organisations that have, with their good work, helped to make the people of the Almanzora Valley increasingly prosperous or have tried to improve the quality of life with in the area.

On this occasion the gala awards ceremony was held at the Seron Sports Pavilion and it was organised by La Voz de Almería, Radio SER and up to 40 other sponsors. The Awards covered 26 towns in the Almanzora Valley including Albanchez, Albox, Arboleas, Cantoria, Chercos, Fines, Macael, Partaloa, Tijola and Zurgena amongst others.

There were nine categories in which awards were presented. Painter Agustin Sanchez Olulense Garren won the People Category for light filling canvases which are becoming famous throughout the world. The Innovation Award went to the Cosentino Group for their new product Dekton. The Company Award went to Gestagua, which amongst other things have been in charge of managing the arrival of drinking water to Albox. Awards were also made to the Association of The Shire of Marble, whose production are of products made of natural stone made by hand. The Society for the Feast Of Carts also received an award. This is a traditional industry which has adapted to modern times. A Culture Award was presented to the organisers of the Games of Aben Humeya in Purchena and in Sport the work of Salvador Segura Arriaga was recognised for his contribution to Almanzora Motor Sport and journalist Maria Jesús Azor, who is closely linked to the town of Oria was given an award for Communication.

Finally an Award was made to F.A.C.E, (Fundraising in Arboleas, Caring for Everyone). This award was made for it’s work for charity. The group had originally been nominated by Arboleas mayor Cristobal Garcia Granados. This was the very first time that a group of British people had ever been put forward for one of these awards. This reflects the influence that the British are gradually exerting over the area. The Award was accepted by F.A.C.E. President Adele Wrigglesworth with assistance from Arboleas town councillor Mark Daniels, and with almost all the F.A.C.E. Committee being present.

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After the Awards ceremony there was a fabulous celebration party for all the speakers, the winners and their guests of wine and wonderful food.

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