Humanists of Murcia Summer Solstice


Humanists of Murcia Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice was a repeat of last year without the kites and held on Bolnuevo beach in front of the Oasis under the trees.

A montón of food, including some leaves for the 3 non-carne eaters, was brought by the 30 members and guests orchestrated by Joan.  And, amazingly, twice this month, funds have been released from under Deryck’s mattress.  They paid for the BBQ chicken (free large loaf of bread and 6€ off from our man in the market), bread and some condiments (salt and pepper – Paul).

Only one illness so far reported. It couldn’t be the mayo or salt.
Or Liz’s chocolate cake and someone else’s choc brownies – I had 2 of each. Still, better than last year, when we lost 3!!

President John said a few words and a reverse-charge call was received from Martin and Anne who were in Barcelona and an email from Annie up a foggy fiord in Finland**, wishing everyone a happy day.

Eleven pairs played petanca and after several hours of play and only three fights, Carole and Rick won the Final, beating Avril and Bill.

Lots of people played giant Jenga. Steve and Janice were crowded Champions.

Humanist Walk Jul 15 JengaKids

Jenga gathered a large audience from people walking on the Paseo.  Three Spanish kids asked to play and beat Margaret and Jean.

Then some mad fools went into the sea.

** actually Sweden but alliteration not so good.