No More Baby on Board Signs?


No More Baby on Board Signs?

A Spanish company is hoping that the traditional “Baby on Board” sign for cars will soon be a thing of the past, as they have patented a new design which they hope will be the future of delicate passenger warnings.

Patrimi Innovación has designed “Babyled”, an illuminated triangular sign which will warn that a vehicle is carrying a baby by use of LED lighting.

Without wires or harmful electrical waves, the device composes of two parts. The first is a pressure mat which is placed in the child seat of the car. The second part is the illuminated triangle which is designed to be stuck to the rear window of the vehicle, and is removable.

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Once the child is placed in the seat, the sensor becomes aware of its presence and so illuminates the sign, switching it back off once the pressure is eased by the removal of the child.

The manufacturer is confident that the device is legal for use in Spain, so much so they state that the product is certified and complies with all current regulations and that it does not contravene any road safety regulations.

So much so, the company provide a certificate in the box which they say will allow the driver to present the facts to a law enforcement officer in the event of being stopped or questioned about the device.

However, with a price tag of just under 80 euro for Babyled, the more traditional sticker might be the cheaper option, but the manufacturer also says that the batteries and device can last up to 13 years, and therefore the entire childhood from birth.

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