Roquetas de Mar organizes multitude of cultural activities every year. The City Council destines great amount of resources to the promotion of the culture and has developed a formidable work. Throughout the year, plays and concerts take place in Theatre-Auditorium of Roquetas de Mar. Recently the new Audience of the School of Music of Aguadulce has been inaugurated.

Roq Theatre Aud
Theatre-Auditorium of Roquetas de Mar

Magnificent exhibitions of all types are celebrated in the renewed exhibition halls of the zone of the Port.

The cinema occupies a prominent place in Roquetas de Mar, with the Yelmo Cineplex Cinema, holding 13 halls, specially dedicated to the projection of original versions. In addition, in the nucleus of Aguadulce, the cinematographic supply is very ample, with the Chaplin Cinemas and at summer time, we recommend the outdoors double programs of the outside cinemas, – Terraces of Aguadulce. In addition, our municipality has a Bullring, with a gauging of 8,000 people. This bullring plaza is also used as concert hall.

Plaza del Toros - Bullring
Plaza del Toros – Bullring

The Castle of Santa Ana, with its new design was inaugurated in May of 2003. By its own merits, the castle has become a dynamic element to the cultural life of Roquetas de Mar, having lodged exhibitions of Photography and painting, holding itself its own conference hall. The Castle is really a centre of the culture of great beauty, located within the framework of the Port, that along with the Audience and the Lighthouse, forms a cultural triangle in this modern area. We recommend to visit the area at dusk when it is particularly pleasant to take a walk and to relax at dusk next to the sea.

Castle de Santa Ana
Castle de Santa Ana

The Lighthouse is another one of the emblems of Roquetas de Mar, its long history having been recovered thanks to a subvention of the European Union. At the moment it is an exhibition hall, throughout the year, and every fortnight it lodges painting exhibitions, photographs, and others.

Lighthouse at Roquetas
Lighthouse at Roquetas

The amphitheatre of Roquetas de Mar counts on a gauging of 700 people, and it is a charismatic place that welcomes multitude of spectacles, like the recognized On street foot. It emphasizes the beauty of the surroundings, being a unique site to enjoy the outdoor activities, mainly in the summer time.


In the summer months we can enjoy the program On street foot, that outdoors offer spectacles in the diverse nuclei of the municipality. The event has become a very popular appointment in the summer time, it is totally free, and it counts on a programming including theatre, children programs, shootings, exhibitions, and dance, among others.

In addition, the City council of Roquetas de Mar makes different activities to promote the culture such as: writing aids, declarations of love, photographs and many others. Exhibitions of all types are carried out. The City Council organizes musical concerts where the most important orchestras play, such as the Philarmonic of Sofía, Orchestra Operates National of Kiev, etc. Theatre representations are organized, children programs, chat-taks about writers and other activities. The program of the City Council of Roquetas de Mar is very complete and it renews itself constantly.

We encourage you to discover Roquetas de Mar history and dynamic cultural life!