Zurgena Helpdesk


Zurgena Helpdesk

Following the latest election result the Town Hall in Zurgena has made improvements to the support for the English speaking community within its administrative area.

Under the management of the Mayor, Luis Diaz Garcia and the Councillor for Integration, Jim Simpson these improvements include an additional full time member of staff in the person of Jose Manuel who will compliment the service which Andreas Bonillo has been providing on his own for the past 7 years.

The Help Desk will be situated in the reception area of the Town Hall and will be clearly signed. It is hoped that, whilst it cannot be attended 100% of the time by one of these English speakers, a large percentage of time will be covered.

Additionally, shown below, are the contact numbers on which you may reach one of the staff if the desk should not be manned. The Town Hall is open from 0900 until 1400 each day.

The Zurgena Help Desk is there to assist all our citizens with any issues or problems they have where the lack of language skills restricts their ability to resolve such issues.

In addition, to the Help Desk, Jose is providing Spanish classes and all 3 staff will endeavour to

provide a high level of service to our English speaking residents.

2º Teniente Alcalde Jim Simpson, Mobile 610194260, email jimszurgena@gmail.com, blog http://jimszurgena.blogspot.com.es

Jose Manuel Integration Support Team, Mobile 687824452, email jmcpioneer@hotmail.com, blog http://jmcpioneer.wix.com/josecrea

Andreas Bonillo, Office 950634575, email abonillo@zurgena.es.