End of Summer Traffic Flow


End of Summer Traffic Flow

This weekend marks the end of the summer road campaigns with “Retorno del verano”, when traffic starts to return from holiday destinations such as the coast and mountains to inland areas of Spain.

The special operation will run from 15:00 on Friday until midnight on Sunday with an anticipated 5.9 million vehicle movements expected during the course of the weekend.

The weekend will be further complicated as there will still be an increase in movement towards the coast, and the Spanish cycle race, La Vuelta, will mean various road closures during the course of the weekend, where Sunday is expected to be the busiest, coinciding with the race stage starting from the Torrevieja area and moving north on the N-332, a road already notorious for congestion.

In order to ensure a safe flow of movement, there will be 10,000 traffic officers from the Guardia Civil on duty, supported by an army of engineers, technicians and traffic management staff throughout the country.

There will be restrictions on the movement of some freight and none emergency road works will be suspended. There will also be additional lanes created in some areas in order to maximise the space available for traffic.

Drivers are advised to check their vehicle before a long journey, looking for any signs of potential damage or risk, take frequent breaks, take your time and plan your route, allowing extra time on the way, and ensure compliance with the law at all times, including speed limits, the avoidance of alcohol and drugs (there will be additional checks in place throughout the weekend), and ensuring that all vehicle occupants use the seatbelts.


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