Traffic Fine Information in English


Traffic Fine Information in English

The DGT Spanish traffic department has expanded some of the information on their website to include more details in languages other than Spanish, namely English, French and German.

n332 fines in english

On the main page of their website,, information is now available in English which tells you what to do in the event of receiving a traffic violation ticket.

Once you click on the link in English, the sections are then presented in five topics, detailing what to do if you have received a traffic violation ticket, how to identify the offending driver if it was not the vehicle owner, and details of how to appeal against and pay a fine, as well as their contact details.

Each one of the topics then explains, in detail, the procedures to follow. You can read the information at any time, whether you have received a fine or not, so it is worth visiting the site to become accustomed with the procedures in the event of receiving a fine in the future.



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