Not everywhere in Spain is warm in winter. Contrary to popular mythology, some places are actually cold in deepest winter.

But there are several places to go where winter warmth is on offer every year. Some obvious locations, others more surprising.

Here are some suggestions where to go to chill out, but not be chilly.

Snowbirds of Spain

In America when people flock south to Florida they are called the ‘snowbirds.’

Well the equivalent people in Spain would likely head to Almeria. A province famed for its lack of rainfall and winter warmer weather.

Agua Amarga in Winter
Agua Amarga in Winter

For those travelling from traditionally cooler winter locations, the warmth that hits them when they step out in Almeria each winter is the first pleasing part of a holiday in this unique area.

There are plenty of great places to rent in Almeria.

Some have been used in famous films. Not so much the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns that put this area on the map, in which a beautiful villa with a pool would have looked out of place, but in more modern movies such as ‘Sexy Beast.’

That film was shot at a favourite destination in Almeria, the quiet little location of Agua Amarga. I can verify that this is what I would call a ‘winter warmer.’

Much warmer than some neighbouring provinces and yet, in Agua Amarga, you also have the sea and the beaches to enjoy. And on many a day it is warm enough to swim in one and sit on the other.

Agua Amarga is small enough to walk around and much of the spectacular countryside of the Cabo de Gata national park is on the doorstep. Do take a drive from your rented accommodation around the park. There are plenty of small beaches to savour and some amazing sights to photograph.

But what makes this warm winter location special is how peaceful it is. What more could you wish for in the depths of winter? Warmth, sunshine, peace and quiet, superb property to rent and spectacular views. It makes you feel warm inside just thinking about it.

Winter in Murcia

If you want more life around you, but still wish to avoid being cold, then why not head for Murcia. The splendid and busy city itself, or the coastal resorts of this province which is significantly warmer than some others during the winter months.

Murcia under blue Winter skies
Murcia under blue Winter skies

Perhaps you would like to rent a property in the popular seaside resort of Puerto de Mazzaron, or the smaller but just as warm and welcoming Aguilas. Both resorts have something for all the family and, out of season, you will have much of the beach to yourself.

The city of Murica itself is too often overlooked by those going on a holiday to Spain. Big mistake.

Murcia is a magnificent city worthy of taking time to see in all its glory.

Positively Tropical

One coastline in Spain known for its warm winter weather is the Costal Tropical. This stretch of coastline is in the province of Granada. While the city of Granada, less than an hour away, can be cold in the winter months, the Costa Tropical is not.

View from Costa Tropical
View from Costa Tropical

Locations such as Salobreña and Almuñécar are marvellous towns to visit or to use as your holiday base out of high season. You will be pleasantly surprised by just how many days here are truly warm. Even, on some days, hot.

The Costa Tropical really does have a unique climate come winter.

From La Herradura in the west, to the small city of Motril in the east; this is a coastline that lives up to its name and its billing. It is not often you can feel tropical in Europe in the months between December and March. But you can here.

And, finally, another different place to consider going for a warm up. Not a seaside destination as such – although the coast is very close by – but, instead, a tropical garden.

Yes, you read that correctly. How about going to a warm little jungle of a garden just outside the centre of the great city of Malaga.

Tall trees in Malaga
Tall trees in Malaga

The Finca de la Concepción gardens are located alongside the motorway that takes you to Malaga Airport and beyond. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover this tropical paradise.

If you were not into gardens when you arrived, you will be by the time you leave. In total there are over eight hundred tropical and subtropical species. The palm tree, the specimen we all associate with warmer climes, is itself represented with over one hundred varieties.

Now they would not be living here were it not a warm climate for them. The gardens also include the tallest tree in all of Malaga province, standing at forty five metres high.

There are, of course, hundreds of superb holiday homes to rent throughout the province of Malaga and along the ever popular Costa del Sol.

A warm walk in the gardens of Malaga
A warm walk in the gardens of Malaga

If it is a touch breezy on the beach, or a little cool around your pool, then get to these gardens. Admire their grandeur and feel yourself perspire a little.

Conclusive proof that finding some winter warmth in Spain really is no sweat at all!

Source: www.spain-holiday.com