This year Black Friday falls on 27 November and Cyber Monday on 30 November, however only a couple of years ago these days were relatively unknown in Spain. Since stores have decided to embrace any opportunity to launch promos to customers, is it really worth waiting?

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the name given to the Friday after Thanksgiving that traditionally heralded the start of the Christmas shopping spree in stores in the United States. Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately after Black Friday; the term was introduced in 2005 when it was noticed that there was a substantial increase in online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving and hence marketers took this opportunity to offer special promotions to try to increase sales even more. US shoppers have come to expect major discounts on these two days and in the last couple of years Spanish stores have copied the idea.

In the US they have studied the different demographics of the two days to target offers accordingly. Black Friday shoppers tend to be older, less internet savvy and often pay in cash. Cyber Monday shoppers are younger, more affluent, use credit cards and often don’t have a lot of time (or patience) for shopping.

What Bargains Can You Expect to Find?

It’s not easy to know exactly what items will be included in store promos, as companies don’t want to risk people waiting all November to make their purchases. One of the best ways to make sure you get the latest information is to sign up to newsletters or follow stores on Facebook as most promotions will only be announced on Thursday evening (for Black Friday) or on Sunday (for Cyber Monday).

For in-store promotions remember that items with the biggest reductions will probably only be available in limited numbers (and sizes/colours if we’re talking about clothes and footwear) in order to get customers to visit stores with the hope that they’ll buy something else. For high value items such as electronics or home appliances, it’s a good idea to check the price of an item you’re interested in now as the price may rise slightly in order for the discount to be artificially higher. If you want a specific item then the best advice would be to arrive at the store at opening time Black Friday or you could try asking in store one or two days beforehand whether that particular item will be included in their Black Friday promo (although you might not get an answer!).

So the question is should you wait?

Well, we haven’t got an answer for that. What we can suggest is that a few days before the end of November you start to check out The E Day – Spain’s “one stop Cyber Monday website” that has had great deals over the last couple of years.



Prepare for Black Friday 2015


Black Friday 1

Black Friday originated in the US. One month before Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving, prices on commercial goods are reduced to the lowest amount possible just for 24 hours in a bid to kick-off the start of the Christmas present shopping spree period.

Since sales periods were deregulated in Spain, the tradition has been carried on over here as well, and next Friday 27 November, the fourth Friday of November, businesses in Spain will be slashing their prices and hoping that Christmas comes early for them as they rack up massive sales.

And, in this country, Black Friday, or Viernes Negro, has only been running for three years, but it has already become one of the days of the year that produces the greatest amount of sales in the country. This is followed by Cyber Monday, another day of huge discounts, but related to technology only.

Amazon was the first company to start celebrating Black Friday in Spain, and, of course, the American internet giant will be heading the list of participating businesses this year as well. There will be more than 1,000 products with special discounts this year, which is 500 more than in 2014. The discounts will be unfolded from as early as this Monday right up until Monday 30, with the majority of offers launched over next weekend. Shoppers will have to be quick as there will be a limited time that these discounts will be on offer, although some will be available for the whole day.

El Corte Inglés

This will be the third consecutive year that the Spanish department store participates in this pre-Christmas campaign. In 2014, discounts of up to 40% were applied to a wide variety of goods in their shops and online.


The German sports clothing company has announced that it will offer discounts of 25% on all its catalogued items.

Media Markt

Media Markt will begin launching its discounts on Friday and offers will continue until Monday 30 November, tying in with Cyber Monday. Shoppers can make their purchases in shops or online, and reductions will mainly focus on consoles, films and IT.

PC Componentes

This is an online retailer that specializes in computer goods and electronics. It has already confirmed that discounts will be placed on items such as graphic cards, smartphones, hard disks, television screens, tablets, laptops, RAM memory, digital cameras, video cameras, gaming products, headphones, keyboards, monitors and consoles. Additionally, discounts of up to 60% will start from this Monday 23 November and continue through to Cyber Monday.


From 27 to 30 November, Sony will be reducing prices on televisions, tablets, cameras, video cameras, headphones, Hi-Fi systems and much more in its shops.

The Body Shop

This beauty care product shop will offer 40% off all its items online and in its shops (doesn’t include new stock).


From 27 November until 29 November, Visionlab will reduce all of its products by 40%. This will include glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses or hearing aids. Early shoppers can obtain discounts of 60% for purchases made before 12pm during that weekend.

Merkal Calzados

From 27 – 29 November, there will be a 20% discount on the collection of shoes with the BLACK code and on Monday 30 November a 20% discount on all products with the code CYBER.


There will be reductions on around 100 different games on Black Friday, although no comment on how much has been made so far.

Toys R Us

The top shop will be celebrating Black Friday with discounts of 50% on a selection of products throughout the week. This will start this coming Monday and run through until Sunday 29 November, although Cyber Monday will also feature discounted prices on all purchases of at least two products made online (

Each year the number of businesses that participate in the Black Friday campaign grows, and below is a list of additional companies that will have some great offers on their products over the Black Friday weekend.

eBay, Phone House, Sprinter, Marypaz, HP, Worten, Ikea, Apple, Fnac, Pc Box, Samsung, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Mango, H&M, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, Evolution Juegos

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