New Electronic ITV Certificates Enter Into Use


New Electronic ITV Certificates Enter Into Use

From this week, new vehicles registered in Spain will have a new, electronic version of the technical characteristics document, rather than the traditional paper or card version.

The new tarjeta electrónica de características técnicas (eITV) will automatically be issued with the vehicle for all newly registered cars, vans and trucks from Wednesday 11th November, 2015.

All previously registered vehicle will continue to use the paper and card documentation.

The DGT has already implemented a system whereas manufacturers, importers and vehicle sales companies can submit the registration information by electronic means, which can be accessed and checked by officials.

Once checked and validated, the DGT will store the information in an electronic register, the Registro de Vehículos Prematriculados, which in turn issues the vehicle identification number, the Número de Identificación del Vehículo (NIVE), which then becomes the unique identifier for that vehicle.

The DGT will then assign the registration number of the vehicle and issue the Tarjeta de Inspección Técnica, or technical inspection card, in electronic form only, which can be accessed on-line.

The vast majority of vehicle manufacturers are already integrated into the project and in October, nearly 50% of registered vehicles are already equipped with electronic tokens.

As of May 11, 2016, this type of electronic card will also be issued for mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quads.

Remember though, this is only for newly registered vehicles, those already on the roads and registered are not affected by this change. If your vehicle has the paper version, you must carry this document with you in the vehicle.




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