Zurgena Town Hall are to trial for a few weeks a new bus service to provide transport from the outlying villages of the municipality to the markets of Zurgena (Fridays) and Huercal Overa (Mondays). This service will operate under a subsidy from the Town Hall to test the demand for such a service.

It was thought that some of our citizens were restricted, through lack of transport options, from getting out and about and visiting the markets.

This service will provide them that option.

It was also thought that not only people with lack of transport options but possibly those who see it as a social occasion may wish to make use of it and we hope that as many people as possible use the service and thereby ensure it remains as a regular service for all those in the outlying villages.

The service will be provided by Piki Autobuses of Zurgena and the provision of the service will be reviewed after one full month of operation. It will be a case of use it or lose it. The attached document shows the pick up/drop off locations and the tariffs for the service. The service will commence on Friday 6th November for Zurgena market and Monday 9th November for Huercal Overa market.


Fridays to Zurgena Market 0910 Iglesia ;os Llanos del Peral, 0915 Bar La Vida Cuesta de los Pinos, 0920 Cucador, 0930 Los Carasoles, 0940 La Alfoquia , 0950 Palaces 1000 Los Menchones. Return 1245 from outside the Pharmacia.

Tariffs Los Llanos Cuestad  elos Pinos Cucador and Carasoles €3 (return) La Alfoquia Palaces Los Menchones €2 (return)

Mondays 0910 Palaces, 0920 Los Menchones, 0930 Pharmacia Zurgena, 0935 Bus Stop La Alfoquia , 0945 Los Llansos del Peral (Iglesia), 0950 Cuesta de los Pinos (Bar La Vida), 0955 Cucador, 1000 Los Carasoles Bus Stop.

Return from the roundabout near the football stadium Huercal Overa 1245