Spain Set for a Hotter Summer


Meteorologists have revealed that this summer Spain will experience higher temperatures and drier conditions than average.

Those coming to catch some rays in Spain this summer are in luck – almost the whole country is predicted to experience higher-than-usual temperatures.

But even better news is that the sweltering heatwaves the country experienced in 2015 are firmly a thing of the past.

A spokesman from weather website Accuweather has said that while there will be heat, the summer will be cooler compared to last summer when Madrid experienced 72 days with temperatures 32 C (90 F) or higher from June to August.

Mild nights are expected across the Iberian Peninsula this summer, resulting in above-normal temperatures overall.


Summer, which officially begins on June 21st will see temperatures 1-2 degrees higher than the average for this time of year according to meteorologists quoted in Spanish daily La Razón.

Meteorologists have also said that there is a high probability (around 60 percent) that this summer will be drier than usual.

As usual, the north of Spain, especially the north-western region of Galicia can expect frequent showers, but the interior of the country, as well as the south and the Mediterranean coast, looks set to experience hot and dry temperatures throughout June,July and August.

The Canary Islands can expect a fresher and more humid summer than usual.