Summer Flowers for Your Home and Garden


Summer is here, and has brought with it plenty of excitement about the armfuls of summer blooms available at flower markets and florists across the country.

Summer offers so much choice – not only of bright, vibrant flowers, but some very attractive plant varieties too.

We’ve had so many gorgeous summer plants to choose from, like the striking sunflower, Peonies, Hydrangea, Campanulas…the list goes on.

You’ll find there’s something for everyone from the classic to the exotic, fragrant varieties, shrubs and mixed planters for the patio or deck.  You’re sure to find the ideal summer gift!

Purple Campanula Teacup


This striking purple flowering campanula creates a shimmering canopy of colour that contrasts beautifully with the lush green ivy leaves. Featuring a campanula with variegated ivy planted in a white ceramic teacup and saucer with embossed heart motif.


Hibiscus Standard


The vibrant, sunshine yellow flowers on this flowering hibiscus standard plant make it the perfect summer gift. It will brighten their patio or other favourite outdoor space. Once placed in a sunny spot, it will look impressive and should thrive.



Pink Hydrangea


This exquisite hydrangea with its variegated petals is simply enchanting. Notice how the colour changes from soft pink to lighter green tones? This will look lovely in their home and can also be planted in a sunny spot outdoors whilst the weather is still warm.


Mini Sunflower Hand-tied


Here theres contrast of sunny colour with rich purples and deep green foliage to create a truly brilliant display. Featuring mini sunflowers, purple spray carnations and purple statice hand-tied with ruscus.


Lavender Zinc Planter 


The heady fragrance of fresh lavender is one of the quintessential scents of summer – and it’s also a lovely way to attract bees and butterflies to the garden