Things to do Before Leaving the House for Your Holiday


There’s always a mixture of excitement and worry when we leave our houses for a holiday – excitement for the trip to come, and worry that we’ve left a window open or a light on!

Here is a list of to do before you leave the house.



1) Empty the fridge – When leaving the house, the focus is usually on two things: ensuring you have all your luggage and travel documents, and making sure the house is secure.

Emptying the fridge is something many people forget, but unless you want to come back to sour milk, mouldy vegetables and dried-out meat, it should be high on your to-do list.

2) Unplug all appliances – there are several reasons to unplug your appliances when going away. It will protect them from any power surges, it also saves energy!

3) Make your home look occupied – A home that looks unoccupied can become a target for burglars. To avoid this, set automatic timers to switch lights on at appropriate times of the evening. And leave the shutters up.

4)Get a trustworthy neighbour to keep an eye on your house –  Telling a trusted neighbour when you’ll be travelling will mean they can keep an eye out for any unusual activity.

5) Do a final check –  Before leaving the house, do a final sweep to reassure yourself that the oven is indeed off, the fridge is empty, the windows are locked and everything else is taken care of.

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Source:Monarch Airlines