Yoga Keeping You Cool this Summer


The heat of summer can often accelerate our mind and heat our bodies. Practising yoga is a great way to cool down the body temperature.

Consider integrating some simple yoga moves into your morning routine. Even a short yoga practice gently revives joints, stretches and strengthens muscles and revitalises the body with fresh oxygen.

yoga pic

More than a physical workout: one of the main purposes is to bring the mind back into the body. By linking movement and breathing, the easily-distracted mind is guided towards greater awareness, clarity and calm.

Research has shown yoga helps reduce stress, improves sleep quality and even enhances mental performance.

Comfort and fit are key so you can focus on the poses. Wear fitted cropped or full-length leggings that way the material hugging your legs will absorb sweat, giving you traction to do arm balancing poses.

black leggings                          grey leggings   multi leggings


T-shirts are a definite no-no as they’ll just end up falling over your head every time you come into Down Dog.  Go for long, fitted tanks. They stay put and keep you covered if you twist, bend backward, or flip upside down.

mint tank top                                black tank top


pink tank top