Zurgena to make plans ahead of Brexit


THE Association of Municipalities in the Almanzora Valley has not shown any indifference to the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

The President, Antonio Ramón Salas, has chosen Zurgena to start work on the matter; by collecting suggestions, concerns and the general opinion of the British public. Once all suggestions and concerns have been collected, the association will design a new series of actions to reduce the possible effects of Brexit.

The mayor of Zurgena, Luis Díaz, and Councillor Jim Simpson, recently held a meeting in the Town Hall with Antonio Ramón Salas, where they discussed the possible consequences and reactions to the exit of the UK from the European Union.

The British Councillor, Jim Simpson, informed the president of the regional organisation how the British community feels in the town. Given some 40% of the population is British, has called for ‘calm for the next two years’ until the talks between the UK and the EU have finalised. However, this calm will allow ‘work on proposals and solutions’.

‘We will never turn our backs on the hundreds of Britons who were not born here but have voluntarily decided to spend the rest of their lives in Zurgena’, said the mayor. ‘We will study the different initiatives which we believe convenient so that none of our neighbours are ever prejudiced by the Brexit vote’ he added.

Antonio Ramón Salas  noted that the first thing which has to be done is ‘to listen to all the concerns among the British community’

Once all these worries, concerns, and suggestions have been heard ‘it will allow us to put forward local solutions, and then share our ideas with other Town Halls.

We will study each and every one of the proposals that are sent, and then we can start working on the resolutions to the questions placed’ he announced.