Blue Wine Created by Spanish Startup


Some people are sticklers for tradition and believe that there are certain things that you just shouldn’t mess with. While there are others that love to break the mould and change people’s perception about things that we always take for granted.

The creators of Gik Live have ventured into a domain in which no one else has dared to venture before.

Forget everything that you have previously learned about wine. Wipe your mind clear of Spain’s 50 excellent denomination of origin brands, the way in which the drink should be served, and the etiquette involved in sampling it.


Now your mind is blank. Try to imagine a bright blue, sweet liquid made from a mixture of red and white Spanish and French grapes together with the natural organic pigments found in grape skin, with an alcohol content of 11.5%. This is Gik Live.

Gik was created by a team of twentysomethings from Spain. . They have no previous experience and they claim to be entrepreneurs rather than businessmen. They are creators, designers and chemists.

Gik was created for fun. The team wanted to shake things up a little and see what happened. They wanted to break the rules and launch a product that no one had seen on the market before. Something different. And that’s when they came up with Gik Live. Blue wine? Why not?

Launched last summer, the company claims to have sold 80,000 bottles of Gik Live already, and the general consensus is that it tastes really great. The drink is sweet and has a unique taste.