Ideas for Big and Small Gardens


Transform your garden into a leafy oasis: let palms  take centre-stage in plant and print forms, combining patterned grains and natural materials for a luxuriant look that works in any size space.

Find ideas for small, medium and large gardens below.


Size restrictions don’t have to mean style restrictions: you might not be able to fit a lounge set onto a balcony, but creating a little oasis and defining your space is easier in a smaller area.

Make use of outdoor line lights and hanging lanterns to create atmosphere. Wall planters filled with herbs are great for cooking. Plus they save on space while adding a lush touch of greenery.

balcony furniture                            wall planter


Mid-Sized Patios 

It’s all about choosing multifunctional pieces for these mid-sized spaces.  Then layering on accessories to build character.

Make seating work harder with sofa sets that combine casual dining with lounging.

mid sized patio furniture            cushion