Marco Polo makes its world premiere at the Shaw Theatre


Marco Polo – an untold love story set in the thirteenth century – made its world premiere at London’s Shaw Theatre last night.

The musical depicts the tale of thirteenth century Venetian explorer, Marco Polo, who left Venice in 1271 to go East to find fame and fortune.

Author and composer of the show, Rogelio Saldo Chua, says his inspiration was “very much connected to my own personal history and prompted by an article read in Time magazine back in 2006″.

The article in question was called: In the Steps of Marco Polo – How East meets West today. It described how Marco Polo’s travel stories gave the first authoritative account of the Middle East and Far East – in particular China – revealing to the Europeans a vast empire and civilisation about which they knew very little.

“This very much struck a chord with me, linking to my own bloodline and personal history,” the composer adds. “Not only have I travelled extensively in my life, I also have a personal fascination with the East and the West.”

Fascinated? You should be.

Immerse yourself in Marco Polo, The Untold Love Story at the Shaw Theatre. Book now via