Help save the bulls in Spain


EVERY YEAR during the fiesta in July, bulls are chased down the main street in Dénia and into the sea.

This event is called Bous a la Mar.

Some of the people taking part will jump into the water with the bulls.

In past years, when the bulls reach the water they have broken their legs, suffered heart attacks and even drowned.

Instead of suggesting the abolition of Bous a la Mar, I believe that there could be an alternative.

Tradition is great but not at the expense of an animal, therefore I propose that we replace the bulls with people in fun inflatable costumes.

One of the main concerns about removing Bous a la Mar from the Fiesta is that Dénia could lose a lot of tourism and consequently a lot of money.

An alternative like the one suggested above will not only stop animals from being unnecessarily harmed but it will also enable Dénia to thrive during the tourist months, making the beautiful coastal town child-friendly, animal-friendly… everyone-friendly!

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