Corbyn Hits Ratings Low

Corbyn Hits Ratings Low

Corbyn Hits Ratings Low

The YouGov survey also had grim news for Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Ukip’s Paul Nuttall, the only leader with a lower net favourability rating than Mr Corbyn.

But it was better news for Theresa May, the only major party leader to secure a positive rating, with 38% of voters viewing her unfavourably, compared to 48% favourably.

Labour’s dire overall position is reflected in its leader’s rating, with a massive 64% of respondents saying they are not favourable towards him, and just 22% favourable.

Things were even worse for Mr Nuttall, with a paltry 6% saying he was doing a good job against 49% who disapprove of his performance.

Mr Farron also fared poorly, with a net favourability rating of -36%.

While Mrs May herself has cautioned not to read too much into the polls, they point strongly to an emphatic Conservative victory on 8 June.

The latest Panelbase voting intentions poll, released this morning, puts the Tories on 49%, with Labour on 27% and Ukip well down on just 5%.Corbyn Hits Ratings Low


Elsewhere David Cameron this morning hailed the Conservative party’s strength going into the election.

Speaking in Thailand he said: “Arguably, you could say, looking at the state of British politics, the Conservative party having accepted the referendum result and got on with the process and responsibly delivering it, is probably the most healthy mainstream political party anywhere in western Europe.”

He added that an increased Tory majority would give Mrs May more leeway when it comes to negotiating Brexit.

“It’s very good that we are having this election, because I think if Theresa May is successful, she’ll actually have a larger majority and, potentially, more time to deal with Brexit and its consequences.”