The Simpsons Trump Parody


AFTER spookily predicting Donald Trump’s presidency, The Simpsons is back at it with its usual brand of sharp political satire.

Parodying the first 100 days of POTUS in office, Trump sits in bed watching television.

Meanwhile, the creators hilariously lend their own theory to something we’ve all wondered… Just what lies beneath that head of yellow hair?

Jibing at Trump’s alleged nepotism, First Daughter Ivanka is announced as the new Supreme Court Justice. She’s seen posing and hair-flipping on TV, while a QVC-style voiceover advertises her earrings. Ouch.

Other dark moments include Marge necking the last pill in a bottle of Prozac, exclaiming “This was supposed to last me the whole four years” and Grandpa being frogmarched away by two burly blokes, screaming “they’re taking me back to where I came from!”

The sketch finishes on a timely reminder: we are a whole 6.8% of the way through Trump’s presidency. That’s another 93.2% to go, so there’s plenty of time for The Simpsons to deliver more of its razor sharp wit.