1.6 Million euro investment for Almeria Province


THE Municipal Investment plans on promoting the Diputación de Almería that will bring to the municipality of Huercal-Overa an investment that reaches 1.6 million euros and which will be earmarked for the development of four projects, which will be implemented to improve urban infrastructure and municipal units.

Head of promotions, Oscar Liria, has visited the municipality to hold a meeting with the Mayor, Domingo Fernández, and the council member, Monica Navarro, who have both dealt with the planning of projects to be executed.

The first of the projects addressed is concerning the main sports ground, where they will also be holding municipal events once facilities are implemented. This is going to be integrated within the municipal sports complex and is located opposite the exhibition grounds.


Seated in a plot of 18,858 square meters, it is going to be in the northern part of the Municipal Pavilion and will have an area of 2,000 square metres. Designated to facilitate extra sports equipment, the project is going to have 450,000 euros of investment.

A second project is the restoration of the railway atation building, which is going to be restored under the proposed plans, with a total investment of 200,000 euros. The project will be presented this Sunday.

The restoration of the facade of the Parish Church, for 110,000 euros, and the re-conditioning of the Bridge of San Isidro, valued at 840,000 euros is also part of the investment. This will lead to an improvement with the connection of the municipality with Noia and the area of the municipality.

Oscar Liria has highlighted the importance of the Provincial Plans for the municipalities of the province because without which it would be very difficult to “execute projects that are vital to the province of Almeria”.

The mayor of Huercal-Overa, Domingo Fernández, thanked the support of the Diputación de Almería.

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