Calls for improvements to Almeria’s railway service


THE ANDALUCIAN Minister of Development and Housing, Felipe López, has reiterated to the Almeria Board that he is “open to dialogue… for the development of railway infrastructure in Almería that favour communications within and outside the province.“

López has criticised the failure of the government to comply with its railway infrastructure commitments to the province and said there was an “abandonment suffered by Almería”.

The quality of rail connections in Andalucia was subject to a recent debate in the the Andalucian Parliament where it was demanded that administrations improve the connections and communication network of Almeria.

The Board of Almeria has denounced the decline in railway investments in the province, noting that since last year the high speed line Almería-Murcia had 110 million euro investment but only a two million euro investment in 2017.

Both governments are calling for closer collaboration and a dramatic improvement in the quality of Almeria’s rail service.