‘Famous’ Madrid burglar gunned down


ACCORDING TO the National Police, a famous and notorious burglar has been shot dead on a Madrid street in strange circumstances.

Francisco Javier Martín Sáez, 36 – better known as ‘Niño Sáez’ – has committed over 22 offences and is well-known for ‘dropping in’ through windows and skylights.

It’s understood he made his way on all-fours through several streets in Madrid’s La Latina neighbourhood, severely wounded, before collapsing following a cardiac arrest.

Police and paramedics tried in vain to revive him after he called for help at around 11.30 on Sunday. When the emergency services arrived on the scene they discovered he’d sustained three bullet wounds, one in the neck and two in the left side of his chest, when he was attacked on the C/ Laín Calvo.

The dead man has a long history of breaking into safe deposit boxes in homes and shops, and even stealing top-of-the-range cars, but has generally been released with charges after being arrested.

Although mostly operating in Madrid, ‘Niño Sáez’ has committed several similar crimes in the provinces of Málaga, Murcia and Zamora.