Horoscopes – 30 May 2017



Decades ago, when people said, ‘get with the times’, it was implied a new and amazing contraption called a video cassette recorder or computer with a black screen and green text connected to a tape recorder were needed. It took many people considerable effort to get their heads around this newfangled technology but they did and oh, how things have progressed since. This week, your thinking or approach to a particular goal needs upgrading. It’s time to take your thinking from the past and bring it to the present so it can facilitate a more secure future!


It might have been clear recently that you’ve had to ‘know your place’ within a group setting or organization. This might not have been helped by ways you were bringing new ideas to established routines and many Taureans might have felt they weren’t winning popularity prizes for doing so. If you haven’t seen a shift in others’ attitude toward you or felt your contribution to a cause was being seen in a more welcoming and positive light, then coming events could confirm this.


Where you might have been keen to lift the curtain on certain plans or ideas, you could be tempted to allow them to simmer in secrecy for a bit longer. Knowing what you want to release to others is one thing but as awareness increases surrounding effort that will be required from you to follow through with your plans, you could decide your motivation levels simply aren’t high enough. This week, accept the need for more thought to be given to plans or proposals. If the time isn’t right to reveal them, then this time can be used to ensure they’re watertight.


A good idea deserves to be shared. Gaining input and advice would be helpful and there are support mechanisms on offer that you might not be taking advantage of to turn an idea into something more tangible. Don’t let a sense of pride cause you to refrain from connecting with at least one person whose experience you can draw upon to help you move a certain plan forward. You’re not as alone with a quest as you might believe yourself to be.


Time, we know, is a precious commodity and we’re often aware of when it is being wasted. Yet, we sometimes confuse the need to wait and allow certain ideas or plans to mature before taking action with procrastinating. We also see the ‘maturing process’ as frustrating, especially when we believe we’re ready to strike. This week, don’t be frustrated by apparent delays surrounding the launch of a plan you believe to be ready to embark upon. Its delay will serve a very helpful and necessary purpose.


The winds of change on the domestic front could grow stronger but you’re not in as much of a reactive position as you might believe yourself to be. Don’t believe you have no option other than to accept what’s unfolding and are unable to exert some influence over it. A change in your day-to-day routine looks set to form part of the package, too. Be willing to accept that change you want to see happen won’t happen overnight. A process needs a bit more time to work its magic but have absolute faith in the improvement it’s bringing.


This week, don’t underestimate the power of your intuition, particularly surrounding a plan of action that ‘feels’ right. Whilst you appear to have someone able to offer input and support, a decision rests more on your shoulders and needs you to dig deeply into your reserves of insight to decide a specific way forward. An agreement might need to be reached about what’s yours and what’s someone else’s but if your actions are based on what you believe to be right and fair, you won’t go wrong.


A chance exists from this week into June to engage in conversations or negotiations that are more helpful and meaningful than what you’ve experienced recently. A new level of honesty is finding its way into exchanges and removing what has been superficial or lacking in depth. You and a certain person can discover, to your delight and relief, you’re ‘on the same page’ in ways you felt you weren’t. All that’s required from you is speaking from the very depths of your heart.


Continued emphasis exists on connecting with like-minded individuals and if you haven’t yet formed new and helpful alliances with others who share an interest in at least one topic close to your heart, then events this week might be pivotal to you doing so. You could be delighted and inspired to discover you’re not as alone as you thought you regarding a cause or project close to your heart. Communication between you and one comrade could flow amazingly.


The sky speaks of an area of your world you’ve been able to look into only, rather than being actively involved with in ways you’ve wished you could be. Coming events could bring a boost to your responsibility but with this will come an increase to your input and contributions and it won’t take long before you start to make a difference to a certain plan or project. You’ve paid certain dues by having to accept limitations surrounding your involvement and contribution until now. Now, the reins are being passed to you.


The coming week could bring much relief, reassurance and pride where knowing you were right about something is concerned. You’ve also earned a position to educate or instruct in some way or are better placed now than you were to ‘show someone the ropes’ and recognition or praise coming your way will do much to boost your confidence and enthusiasm levels. Allow events this week to confirm how sought-after you are for your knowledge or expertise.


You know what you’re talking about and are superbly placed to make this clear to a certain person. As much as you can understand why they have their own way of doing something or insist you stick with what they know to be tried and tested, you could feel more enthused by introducing a new methodology or putting your unique mark on what you see as in need of updating or upgrading. Your powers of persuasion and negotiation are strong this week, so use them wisely and sparingly. You won’t need as much of either as you might think you will.