Jellyfish-free zone for Mar Menor


SWIMMERS CAN look forward to enjoying splashing around in the Mar Menor this summer without the threat of being stung by the annual invasion of jellyfish.

Up until last week, the authorities had so far failed to make a decision whether or not to install the anti-jellyfish meshes that have been in place during every summer for the past 20 years. Finally, it was announced that they would indeed by placed at the 60 beaches of the Mar Menor and will thus keep everyone safe for another year.

The equipment installed offshore consists of around 43 kilometres of nets which will be clearly identified and signposted to warn users of small boats, jet skis and surfboards to stay away from the area used by swimmers.

This annual plan costs the local authority some €400,000 and protects bathers until the end of the season on October 12th.

Javier Celdrán, the Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, confirmed that the work to install the nets this year will be carried out a few days later than normal with the help of six boats from the Fishermen’s Guild of San Pedro del Pinatar.

“There are still no adult jellyfish, so there is no problem at the moment for bathers,” the authorities said.