Just for men – the aftershave guide


A NEW online buying guide, ‘The Aftershave Guide’ has been launched to help purchasers sniff out the best deals – a price comparison tool is available to help purchasers find the best prices online.

The Aftershave Guide categorises fragrances into three pots – designer, popular and luxury which gives purchasers a fighting chance to logically consider the vast amount of aftershaves available and compare the notes featured in each aftershave. The guide shares information about the smell of the aftershave from first application until the fragrance has been on the skin for six hours.

The Aftershave Guide features the most recently launched fragrances such as Dunhill Pursuit and Joop Go! It also provides information on traditional and popular fragrances such as Aramis, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.

“We want people to find the scent that best suits them rather than someone buying the latest thing that turns out not to be quite right. Everyone is different and The Guide points out that the first smell of the chosen scent matures over a matter of hours and can become quite different to the original skoosh.” says John Straw, CEO of Net Additions.