Raising an eyebrow


IF YOU want full, bushy brows, but don’t have hundreds of extra euro to spend on microblading, listen up: You can now buy glue-on eyebrow wigs to make the ‘highbrow’ look a reality.

Glue-on brows aren’t exactly new — they’ve been used to fake full arches by cancer and alopecia patients for quite some time, but they were pretty much unheard of in the mainstream until this week, when celeb makeup artist Hung Vanngo posted a video to Instagram showing the brow boosters IRL.

The short video shows a woman with patchy, thin brows undergo a total transformation with the help of glue-on brow “extensions.” Unsurprisingly, the video quickly went viral: Within hours, it’s been watched nearly 67,000 times, and has garnered more than 275 comments.

Though the phrase “eyebrow wig” sounds undeniably weird, it’s fairly surprising we haven’t seen them sooner, especially considering the popularity of similar products such as glue-on false eyelashes and hair extensions. If you can get behind the idea of gluing a strip of human hair onto your arches, the product is actually pretty genius — it gives the look of full, defined brows, without the pain and frustration of having to draw them on every morning (plus, they won’t slide off in the summer heat).

Of course, stick-on eyebrow extensions are slightly more complicated than false lashes, in that you have to find a size, shape, and colour that compliments your face. Fortunately, brands such as Tiffani Chanel and Cardani have some great, natural-looking options in a variety of sizes and shapes, most of which can be re-applied for up to four months.