Spanish soldiers deployed in Latvia


SPANISH MEDIA have reported that 300 Spanish soldiers have been deployed at the Ādaži military base in Latvia, along the border with Russia.

The Leopard combat tanks force is the first Spanish unit in the region since the fascist volunteers serving under German command during WWII, where they fought less than 200km from their current station. The unit’s mission is to hold a first Russian advance in the event of an attack, whilst waiting for reinforcements.

Of the 80-tanks unit deployed, there are six Spanish Leopards and 14 Pizarros. Spain is also contributing drones, support weapons, and armoured personnel vehicles.

The Spanish unit is joining a 1000-strong multinational battle-group under Canadian command, with the participation of Poland, Italy, Slovenia, and Albania. This makes part of NATO’s 4,000 Enhanced Forward Presence force, that is, additional troops requested from the Baltic States and Poland during the July 2016 NATO Summit in Warsaw.

The deployment is meant to address concerns of Russian aggression after the occupation of Crimea.