UK business beyond Europe


THE UK business investment community has its eyes firmly fixed beyond Europe according to a new report by

The report, which examines the online activity of British investors in comparison to those overseas, has made the following discoveries:

• UK investors’ interest in UK businesses has dropped by 9.8%
• UK investors’ interest in European business has fallen in every European economic country surveyed, peaking at a 37.45% decline in Belgium
• UK investors’ interest has grown the most in Australia and Japan with growths of 81.6% and 67.72% respectively.

Meanwhile business investors from beyond the realm echo the same concerns about investing in the UK and Europe with interest in businesses in the region waning by 10.10% overall.

In addition:
• Investors in the UK from the USA were the highest in volume and increased by 11.56%
• Investors in the UK from Australia were second in terms of volume, and rose by 79.06%
• Key European economies showing an interest in the UK were down overall; France by 32.94%, Germany by 30.04% and Ireland by 30.04%
• Volumes of visitors from Asian countries remained lower overall but had increased interest in investing in the UK substantially in percentage terms; Japan by 207.14%, Singapore by 55.59%, Hong Kong by 33.39%

Rufus Bazley, Marketing Director at says, “Historically the UK has enjoyed consistently strong interest from investors based both here at home and abroad. This survey suggests there has been an undeniable loss of confidence and interest from UK investors in domestic and global markets following Brexit, no doubt fuelled by the uncertainty the decision has created in the business community.”

“In addition the change of administration in America and the elections here and in France will have an impact not only on high profile indexes like the FTSE, but also the massive market of micro businesses and SMEs which caters for.”

The figures cited compare the period from 12 March to 14 April for 2016-2017 with that of 2016-17 and so cover the Brexit referendum results, but not the announcement of the UK general election, which is predicted to bring more uncertainty to the market.