Andalucian beaches given seal of approval


THE WATERS of Andalucia have been approved by the Ministry of Health for the region.

The report on the quality of beaches and waters of Andalucia was prepared in June to determine the state of the coast at the beginning of the summer season.

The research looked at and monitored 351 sampling points in 261 bathing areas across seven central Andalucian swimming areas.

Water samples were examined to determine if they met regulations on microbiological organisms, transparency, colour, residue as well as levels of pollution which may be considered a health threat.

The analysis was conducted by the General Secretariat of Public Health and Consumption, and the state of the region has been given a satisfactory rating.

In Almeria, a total of 93 samples were taken at 92 points of interest across 77 bathing zones in 14 municipalities. In Cádiz, 76 samples were taken across 54 bathing areas of 15 municipalities. Granada likewise had 41 in 34 swimming areas of 14 districts, and Huelva had 46 samples taken across 19 bathing areas of nine towns.

The report and findings will come as a relief to holidaymakers making their way to Spain.

With temperatures set to soar across the region, and Almeria in particular, health officials warn beachgoers to wear the correct sunscreen and to remain hydrated at all times.

Additionally, while the quality of the water and the beaches have been given government approval, holidaymakers are already warning of early high jellyfish numbers in waters across the province.

The official guidance advises beachgoers to stay vigilant and to keep an eye on beach signs keeping visitors updated.