Cash stashers keeping quiet


NEARLY A quarter of British adults have money tucked away their partner knows absolutely nothing about, according to a new survey.

Researchers polled 1,500 people in relationships and revealed the typical man will have as much as £4,234 saved on the sly, with the average female stashing away funds to the tune of £2,768.

Four in ten (41%) of those studied said they have a secret pot of cash because they like being financially independent and 23% said they are keeping it from their other half as they are terrible with money.

The data showed 27% are squirreling away money for a sun soaked holiday, with 38% of those looking for a break in Europe and a further 30% saving for a tropical holiday in a far-flung destination – without their partner.

Almost two in ten (19%) have their eye on a new car and one in five are saving for new clothes and designer items.

But a more careful 23% are saving on the quiet in case their relationship one day breaks down and they need cash for an ‘exit strategy.’

The poll by affordable car hire company revealed the average adult felt they would need a staggering £22,748 as a buffer if their relationship fell apart. One in five said if their spouse discovered the savings they would want to spend it immediately.

A spokesman for said: “As a company that helps people to save money on car hire, we understand how important it is for everybody to have a saving aspiration.

“Our research suggests that men and women in relationships show a determined effort to save for well-earned indulgences on their own. From holidays to far-flung destinations without their partners to mini-breaks with friends, it seems that time away from their relationships is key to feeling a sense of freedom while remaining financially independent from one another.”

The poll found the most popular place to hide money from their other half was an online savings account (35%), which avoids any bank statements in the post, followed by a regular bank account (26%), whereby respondents admitted to destroying any statements.

But underwear drawers and stuffed at the back of the wardrobe were still popular hiding places for wads of cash. A crafty one in ten (11%) even give their savings to their Mum or Dad to stash away for them.

A high-rolling 12% keep their cash in an off-shore account and more than one in ten women are keeping cash in a bank account in their maiden name which their partner is unaware of.

A blasé 17% of respondents felt it made sense to save in secret – but a more honest 56% felt it was sneaky and deceitful.

The spokesperson, continued: “Although the average adult feels like they would need thousands of pounds if their relationship fell apart, the data suggests they might often just need enough to splurge on themselves when they’re feeling a tad indulgent, or in need of a well-deserved break.

Nearly three in ten (29%) said they felt guilty for not being upfront about all their finances, but 36% said they were doing it for the good of the family.

The poll found 42% said they would be furious if they discovered their partner had cash stashed away. In contrast 57% said they would be delighted.

In fact, one in twenty of those said if they found wads of cash in the house, they would nab it for themselves.