El Ejido honours domestic violence victims


EL EJIDO City Council has joined with the Network of Free Municipalities of Trafficking to denounce domestic violence.

The event, which took place at the Patio of Lights in the city, included representatives from political parties, social groups and citizens who wanted to express their condemnation of domestic violence.

The Councillor for Social Services and Women, Delia Mira, said that “it is necessary and fundamental to denounce these types of situations throughout the year. Days like today serve to show our support to the victims, to show that we are on their side and that there is always a way out.”

A ‘Tree of Wishes’ was erected displaying messages of support for the victims of gender violence.

Candles were lit on behalf of the 28 women and six minors who have lost their lives this year alone to domestic violence. The similar events were carried out in municipalities across the country in response to the extremely high number of domestic violence instances in Spain. In February, five women were killed in a four-day period alone.

In 2016, 39 were killed and in 2015 the number killed by their partners was 48. 54 were killed in 2014 and another 54 killed during 2013 according to figures released by Spain’s Equality Ministry. In 2016, Spanish courts handed down 10,570 decisions, of which 7,344 were convictions, and 3,226 were acquittals for domestic violence related incidents.