Woman suffers heart attack at Mar de Cristal


A 75-YEAR-OLD woman died in the sea on Saturday, after suffering a heart attack very close to the shore on the beach of Mar de Cristal.

The alarm was raised around 3pm when several people out swimming spotted the woman’s body and took it to the shoreline. It appears that the woman was seen playing with a younger member of her family before experiencing a cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately, the incident occurred on the final weekend without any lifeguard or rescue services which are due to begin for the Mar de Cristal as from this Thursday. Because of this, it was left to members of the public and passers-by to come to the aid of the woman by attempting to resuscitate her before the arrival of paramedics, but it was all in vain.

Emergency services from the EMU tried for ten minutes to revive the victim before calling for the Guardia Civil to arrange for the removal of the body.