Horoscopes – 28 June 2017



This is a week where finances and domestic matters come under close scrutiny but in ways that excite and intrigue rather than cause concern. Some level of home or family-related expense is very likely but this shouldn’t be coming as a surprise. Comfort and harmony can be brought to your domestic set-up, whether this involves decorating, new furniture or a complete house move!


However you choose to convey yourself this week, your words will be your own and come from the very depths of your heart. There’s something exceptionally authentic about how you make thoughts and feelings known and this level of honesty can only make someone’s response equally as authentic. Don’t rehearse what’s on your mind or in your heart. Just let it emerge.


You might underestimate how unusual or even radical your ideas are to certain others so be willing to give them a chance to absorb them properly before pushing anything forward. You can see clearly what needs to change in a situation or arrangement and its others’ reluctance to consider let alone support this that could be this week’s main hurdle. You can overcome it with patience and gently applied effort.


You might perceive a romantic or possibly a financial matter as something that doesn’t need sharing or discussing with others. You have plenty to consider in your own way and the sky implies that, this week, you’re wise to keep your thoughts to yourself. You know you have others’ input if you want it but before you can seek or receive it, you need to be clearer in your own mind about what – or whom – you’re committing yourself to.


You have at least one person whom you look to for inspiration and motivation. We all have at least one such person and the coming week could see you focused intently on what someone else has achieved in a particular area.This is not necessarily being done out of jealousy but because you want to achieve something similar. If they did it or can do it, then so can you. That’s not an unrealistic way to be thinking this week and it’s that attitude and approach that will bring success.


Something connected with your career or professional world could require you to carsummon confidence and courage but the really good news is, you’re likely to find plenty of both within you. Whether you intend to impress powers-that-be or show colleagues what you’re made of, you’re superbly placed to turn a few heads in the workplace and have people talking about you for all the right reasons. It is very possible to make your mark professionally if you want to.


You might be focused intently on what you believe to be in short supply this week, especially where financial matters are concerned but if any alarm bells are ringing, then that’s a sure sign that you’re not looking at a bigger, overall and very positive picture. Opportunities connected with your career offer a chance to boost your income and if you’re willing to allow these and other options to present themselves to you, then they will.


An unexpected expense could present itself and a certain lesson could be learned from it. As much as you might have done all the groundwork to avoid being caught out in such a way, there is probably little you could have done to foresee this necessary outlay. However, you’re a very resourceful so-and-so and by applying your Scorpio acumen, you can overcome this money-related hurdle with surprising ease this week.


It might take some time for the effects of the Full Moon in your sign to wane and you’ll likely to have plenty to consider where a family or domestic dilemma is concerned. However, rather than resent what has been brought into the open to be faced and resolved, welcome it. It’s in your and at least one other person’s best interests to accept a shared situation and resolve.


Rather than roll your eyes wearily and dread where a certain conversation or exchange with a particular person might end up, welcome the chance to clear the air. There’s something you need to know that requires someone’s explanation and there’s something someone else needs to know that requires your input. Together, you and they can get a certain matter resolved and base a new beginning on facts rather than assumptions.


A decision surrounding whether you should stay or whether you should go could raise its head this week. This might surround your involvement with a group or collaborative effort or it could involve a friend. What comes to light or transpires could cause you to reassess your position if remaining involved or supportive in ways you have been really is in your and their best interests.


You could be on the receiving end of a pat on the back career-wise and as much as you understand why someone feels compelled to praise your efforts, you can’t help but think it’s a bit premature. You might still see issues that need resolving before you can accept praise but if someone else thinks differently, then smile and welcome it. It’s deserved and a clear sign of someone’s faith in you.