Mediterranean rescues show no signs of abating

File photo

ANOTHER 88 migrant adults and a baby have been rescued by the Spanish Salvamento Marítimo in the Alborán Sea.

They were located aboard two boats on Thursday as part of an ongoing operation to both find existing attempts at crossing the dangerous sea between the African mainland and Spain, and to prevent future such incursions.

A central government spokesman said that all those rescued are of sub-Saharan origin and appear to be in good health.

The result of the first operation saw the rescue of 42 adults – including 12 women and a baby – from a small boat floating about 14 miles northwest of Cape Tres Forcas on the North African coast.

The ‘Guardamar Polimnia’ – the rescue ship – also had a further 34 men rescued from a raft that had been previously sighted in the same area by a Sasemar 101 spotter plane.

The same government sources have indicated that both a save and rescue and a prevention exercise will continue in association with the Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre in Almería.